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Aquashine L.E.D. is a locally manufactured product which is energy efficient
as well as long lasting. The lights are manufactured in Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape.

Aquashine LEDs are high quality, low cost LED lights.
Aquashine LEDs are set on an aluminium heat conductive channel which is then casted
with a polyuerathane potting compound to aid in water resistance.
We take pride in manufacturing the most
slimline high power L.E.D. bar on the South African market.

There are many advantages of using LED lighting instead of flourescent lighting. LED lighting is long lasting with lifespans of up to 50 000 hours in good conditions and uses far less electricity than T5 flourescents or Metal Hallides. Aquashine LEDs are also repairable should a fault occur. Aquashine LEDs are cool running with all the heat generated staying around the LED and not emmited downwards like Metal Hallides, thus removing the risk of heating your aquarium water to such a point that water chillers are needed. Aquashine LED has a beam angle of 140 degrees making it light on the pocket to light a large aquarium for lunar or subtle lighting. With Aquashine LED you can provide a more accurate colour spectrum than flourescent lighting, as is required for coral and plants. Aquashine LED will bring any dull aquarium to life by adding more vivid colour and an instant shimmer effect to your aquarium. Aquashine LED manufactures two different models, 12Vdc and 220Vac, and in different lengths, 30cm, 60cm and 90cm. Aquashine LED is a mount to canopy light, needing no modification to your existing canopy. If you have an open top aquarium, then your light can be mounted on a crossbeam (not included) resting on the sides of your aquarium.

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